Security Precautions

Cell phones are not permitted in the Judicial Center. Everyone entering the building is required to pass through a metal detector. All possessions must pass through an X-ray machine

Not permitted

  • iPads or iPods with cameras
  • Sharp objects such as knives and scissors
  • Glass bottles and aerosol cans
  • Weapons, pepper spray and mace

Storage lockers are available offsite in the Detention Facility lobby, across from the Courthouse at 1435 N. Courthouse Rd. There are three sizes that cost between 25 to 75 cents.


  • Cell phones, smart phones and cameras
  • Laptops. NOTE: laptops with cameras are allowed, but cannot be used in a courtroom and cannot be used as a camera or recording device anywhere in the Courthouse.
  • eReaders without cameras
  • iPods without cameras


Virginia licensed, practicing attorney with a valid bar card and photo identification may carry cell phones, cameras and other electronic devices.

Jurors Only

Not Permitted

  • Cell phones, smart phones and cameras
  • Sharp objects such as knives and scissors; glass bottles and aerosol cans; weapons, pepper spray and mace

Permitted Only After Showing Juror Summons or Badge to Security

  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • tablets
  • e-readers and iPods (with or without recording and camera features)
  • The Jury Assembly Room has wireless internet


  • Permitted devices may only be used in the Jury Assembly Room or Law Library.
  • Jurors cannot use any device to record, photograph, communicate or otherwise transmit or receive information while in any court room or deliberation room in the Courthouse.
  • Any violations may result in confiscation, ejection from the Courthouse or contempt proceedings.