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Location: 1425 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 6200, Arlington, VA  22201

Phone: 703-228-4369

Open Hours:

  • Recording:  8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Record Room (open for research):  8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday – Friday

The Land Records Division is responsible for:

  • Recording original, signed and notarized documents and maintaining the record of documents affecting the title to real property located in Arlington County and the City of Falls Church.
  • Assessing and collecting required recordation taxes and fees for each document
  • Filing and maintaining the record of judgments and financing statements
  • All documents presented for recordation must be originals and must be signed and notarized prior to recordation.
  • Land Records Services

The Division does not provide:

  • Notary services
  • Information on vital records. Go to Arlington’s Vital Records page for birth certificates, death certificates and marriage/divorce certificates
  • Information on foreclosure sales
  • Property surveys or plats.
    •  A home purchaser often receives a house location survey at the time of settlement.  If you can’t locate your survey, contact the surveyor that prepared the survey, your settlement agent, attorney or lender to inquire if they have it.
    • Obtain plats from the Zoning Department.
  • Form deeds
  • Legal advice (including advice involving what language should be included in a deed and an opinion on the legal implications of language contained in a recorded)
  • Records and information regarding the assessed value of real estate
  • Falls Church records prior to 1988. Documents involving real property located in the City of Falls Church were recorded in the Fairfax County Circuit Court prior to 1988 and remain there.

Find Answers at Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information about the operation of the Land Records Division.  The Frequently Asked Questions page provides information regarding recordation fees and requirements, documents available for research in the Land Records Division, and other questions that are commonly received by the Land Records Division.

Land Records Cover Sheet Required as of March 2, 2015

In accordance with Virginia law, specifically Va. Code §17.1-227.1, the Arlington Circuit Court Land Records Office will now require a Land Records Cover Sheet for all Land Record documents recorded in the Office. All data contained on the Cover Sheets will be scanned via a barcode reader, thereby allowing instruments to be recorded more timely and accurately.  Read the instructions to generate a cover sheet or go to the cover sheet generator.

Procedure for Recording Deeds Conveying Not More than 4 Residential Units

In an effort to reduce errors in deeds that are recorded in the Arlington County Circuit Court, beginning May 1, 2013, the Clerk of the Circuit Court requires that all deeds conveying not more than four residential units state on the first page of the document that it was prepared either by the owner of the real property or by an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia, consistent with Section 17.1-223 of the Code of Virginia.  The attorney statement must include both the attorney’s name and Virginia State Bar number.  Read the notice..