Concealed Weapon Permit

Application Instructions and Information

Virginia Resident Concealed Handgun Permits are issued by the Circuit Court of the Virginia county or city where the applicant resides.

To obtain a concealed weapon permit from the Arlington Circuit Court, you must:

  • Be a resident of Arlington County or the City of Falls Church
  • Read the instructions on the Virginia State Police website and complete the Application for Concealed Handgun Permit form on the site.
  • Pay a $50 fee by cash, credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) or check or money order, payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. If you pay by credit card, there is a 4 percent service charge of the amount paid.
  • Provide evidence of competence with a handgun (i.e., proof from a qualified instructor, range, or military discharge papers)

New applications: Require a copy of your certificate of handgun competency.
Renewal applications: Do not require a copy of your certificate of competency.

To apply for a permit, provide the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office with:

  • Your original signed and notarized application
  • One copy of your signed/notarized application
  • Two copies of your proof certificate of competency, if needed
  • One self-addressed, stamped envelope so that the Clerk’s Office can mail your permit to you

For more information on concealed weapon permits, email the Clerk’s Office or call 703-228-7010.